Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Ospreys at Foulshaw, Cumbria

September 1, 2010:
Almost exactly two years ago to the day, I was lucky enough to see four Ospreys here (and on one occasion up to nine had been reported). Today there were two birds perched in the pines far out on the open moss. One was partly hidden and in the shade but the other was clearly visible on a bare branch devouring a fish which must have weighed 3 lbs or more. I watched it for over an hour and at one point it neatly separated the fish's entrails which glistened in the bright light when falling to the ground.

This area seems to be an annual staging post as the birds make their way south. Very isolated and almost inaccessible on foot, when perched in the pines they must feel completely safe. Today was very hot with a shimmering heat haze and the Ospreys were at least 500 metres distant. Consequently photography was virtually impossible, even through the scope.

[One of the Ospreys eating a fish]

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