Friday, 3 September 2010

Buzzard, Brockholes Wetlands, Lancashire

September 2, 2010:
After only having had very distant views of the two Ospreys at Foulshaw yesterday, my luck with raptors changed when driving up the Brockholes approach road early this evening. A Buzzard had perched on a fence post opposite the main lay-by but, startled by the approaching car, flew off only to settle again on top of a nearby hazel. There was just chance for a few quick photo before, still suspicious, it flew across the lake and out of sight.

It was a pale-plumaged bird with a rather streaked breast and white feathers in its tail, these especially noticeable when in flight. It was probably the same bird seen distantly three days earlier when its plumage was also remarked on as somewhat atypical.

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