Sunday, 28 February 2010

All three UK swans in one photo and three Bewick's, Jeremy Lane, Thurnham, Lancaster

February 16/17, 2010:
In the upper photograph it was unusual to get all three UK species of swan into one frame (Bewick's centre, Whooper left, Mute background). The three Bewick's (lower photo) were part of a small flock present in the area together with a large number of Whoopers and (some feral) Mutes. Photos taken with a Lumix FZ38, the Canon lens being away for repair (yet again!).

Lesser Snow Geese at Leighton Moss RSPB

January 30, 2010:
Four Lesser Snow Geese had been in the area for several months except for a short absence on the Lune estuary. They usually kept together in a tight group, although often associating with Greylags. They were rarely seen other than at a great distance well out on the salt-marsh but as the harsher weather developed they came closer to habitation to graze and rest. Latterly they have been accompanied by a single Barnacle Goose (also seen in photos).

Brent Geese and waders on a high tide at Rampside, Cumbria

February 5, 2010:
Top: Part of a small flock of Pale-bellied Brent Geese and below: Redshank, Turnstone, Grey Plover and Dunlin, some present in large flocks.

Goldeneye, Martin Mere WWT

February 24, 2010:
A drake in reflective mood and a nicely-plumaged pair.

Little Egret (and Snipe), Jeremy Lane, Lancaster

February 22, 2010:
The bird was disturbed when feeding in a deep drainage ditch alongside Jeremy Lane, Thurnham. There was another egret nearby whilst a Snipe skulked in the longer grass.

Tufted Duck female at Glasson Dock, Lancaster

February 22:
A single female on the outer basin of the dock.