Thursday, 20 May 2010

Sardinian Warbler and Cyprus Warbler, Asprokremnos scrub, Cyprus

May 7, 2010:
Cyprus Warblers, as the name suggests, are endemic to the island but the related and much more widespread Sardinian Warbler (photo below) is also very frequent. Many Cyprus Warblers leave in winter, only returning in Spring, but the winter-visiting Sardinian Warbler is there much of the time and there are fears that it may be ousting the endemic bird.

Both species like to nest in low bushes amongst the scrub, the Cyprus Warbler being mainly restricted to species of Genista. Both are restless birds but will sometimes perch prominently if curious of human presence. However, the Cyprus Warbler (below) preferred to skulk in the bushes. Both warblers possess a distinctive red eye.

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