Sunday, 7 March 2010

Common Buzzard with injured wing by A59 at Whalley

I first saw the injured Buzzard on New Year's Day when it was perched on a tall lampost above the busy A59 Whalley by-pass. It was holding its right wing very awkwardly and semi-outstretched but when it saw me it managed to fly a short distance into a nearby tree. The ground had been frozen and snow-covered for at least a week already and the bird was probably hoping to find an easy meal from road-kill victims. In some of the photographs its drooping right wing can be clearly seen.

It was in the same limited area on January 15 and 24, its right wing still hanging somewhat but again was quite able to fly. On February 4 it perched on a fence-post by the first roundabout but flew off with ease as I approached. On February 10 it was reported at least four miles further along the A59 near Worston, again by the roadside, so it was obviously recovering nicely and could fly longer distances. On February 19 it was back again by the first roundabout at Whalley where it perched on the fence for a while. When finally disturbed, it flew off at a leisurely rate before becoming lost to sight after 200 metres. This was another encouraging sign suggesting it was well on its way to a full recovery. It was last seen by me on February 23, perched on a fence post near the first roundabout, being harassed by two corvids.

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