Friday, 12 March 2010

American Wigeon at Martin Mere

March 12, 2010
Just like buses, none for a long while and then two come along! Having made a longish journey three days earlier to Caerlaverock to see the American Wigeon, it was a much more convenient one today to see a second one at Martin Mere, near Southport. This bird was amongst one of several large flocks of Eurasian Wigeon but could only be viewed at considerably longer range than at Caerlaverock (it never came within 100 metres and was often much further away). It was nicely marked but perhaps not quite so finely plumaged as the Caerlaverock bird (which was still there today so there was no doubt about there being two). Along with the other Wigeon this one spent much time feeding on rough grassland although the whole flock seemed nervous and was frequently disturbed for no obvious reason.

(Below) Part of the flock containing the American Wigeon. The bird is left of centre in front of two Greylags. It can be clearly seen by zooming in should that possibility be available.

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