Friday, 15 April 2011

Cyprus, March 29-April 7, 2011

Part 1. Asprokremnos
Photographs from this visit will be posted in four batches, this first one being of birds seen in the Asprokremnos area in the south-west. The season was rather late this year and many of the more exotic migrants such as Rollers, Bee-eaters and Golden Orioles were still to come.

On the scrub below the dam there were Northern Wheatears, Ortolan Buntings, Tawny Pipits and Crested Larks whilst on the nearby very small pool a Kingfisher waited patiently and a Little Crake put in a very brief appearance as it emerged from the depths of the fringing reed-bed.

[Northern Wheatear, male]

[Ortolan Bunting]

[Tawny Pipit]

[Crested Lark]


For a day or two now a Long-legged Buzzard had been seen circling distantly within this general area but eventually it presented excellent views as it hunted along the steep hillside close to the dam. Apart from its light plumage and rusty-coloured undersides it differed from the Common Buzzard in its habit of occasionally hovering, Kestrel-like.

[Long-legged Buzzard]

In a wooded area near to the side of the dam a pair of Sardinian Warblers were feeding an early fledgling with the most minute flies imaginable.

[Sardinian Warblers, female, male and chick]

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