Sunday, 19 December 2010

The view through the window

December 19, 2010:
Being more or less snowed in over the weekend, birds could only be photographed in the garden via the double glazing. That, and being taken against the low sunlight, unfortunately resulted in some very indifferent images.

Several Robins chased one another around the garden disputing their feediing territories whilst a Fieldfare and up to ten Blackbirds made the most of some fallen apples.

Starlings and the three commoner species of Tit made use of the fat balls......

......whilst dozens of House Sparrows, a few Chaffinches and a single Pied Wagtail fed on seed scattered in the snow......

......and a thirsty Collared Dove, one of eight resident in the garden, pecked snow off a branch to melt in its beak.

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