Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Yellow-browed Warbler, Burnley, Lancashire

October 12, 2010:
This bird was elusive but stayed within a very limited area comprising a small car-park and adjacent allotment within the urban limit. It was nearly always high in the tree canopy and being still in leaf this made the bird very diffiicult to locate and follow. When feeding amongst the leaves (on small insects?) it was never still but otherwise appeared to go absent for long periods and could only be re-located when heard or seen to move. It was first observed yesterday morning (the 11th) and, with a clear sky overnight, it was perhaps surprising that it had stayed on for another day. By an amazing coincidence another Yellow-browed Warbler was seen at this precise site three years ago. They are quite rare autumn visitors from Siberia more often found on the east coast. Several have been reported in the U.K. during the past week or so.

October 12, 2010:

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