Monday, 19 July 2010

Peregrines in northern England (Part 2): a success story and aerial display

July 19, 2010:

(One of the chicks on June 10)

Slightly over five weeks ago the two young Peregrines at this site were mere helpless nest-bound chicks hiding amongst the flowers on their cliff-face. Things have now moved on rapidly so that today, in one of the few brief spells of sunshine, both juveniles were airborne practising their flying skills with their parents in close attendance. For over five minutes all four birds gave an impressive aerial display before the parents led the juveniles away, presumably for further tuition, perhaps this time in hunting.

A rather worn and weary parent circled close by presumably approving of their aerobatics.

It was both encouraging and a relief to know that these birds have nested succesfully and not suffered the fate of others not too far away whose nests were raided by collectors.

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