Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Pied Flycatchers in the Forest of Bowland, Lancashire

April 27, 2010:
Pied Flycatchers returned to the area about two weeks ago and are now actively searching for nesting sites and in some cases even building. With the leaves still only in bud the birds were quite easy to see and for a short period photography is possible before the tree canopy closes.

At this particular site they repeatedly entered their potential nesting hole high in the trunk of a decaying tree, quite unconcerned by my presence a short distance away. Despite this, after only a few minutes, I withdrew.

Below shows the female carrying a piece of nesting material into the hole.

The birds would perch for a short while on branches nearby but rarely remained still otherwise. There wasn't much time in which to find them through the lens and then to focus on them.

Occasionally a bird could be heard calling.

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  1. Stunning!!
    You will have to give me and insight to where they are.